Top Best Apps To Cool Your Phone Down

Are you a heavy phone user? Playing games and usage of heavy apps is part of your daily life? If this is what you have been using your mobile device for, then your phone might be prone to heating. Since you are a reader of Apps Nigam, you have little advantage over others.

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These are the best phone cooler apps that will help in closing the apps and killing the processes when they are not in use. Ultimately saving the computation power of your device as a result of which your phone will start cooling itself down.

This list of apps is a legitimate one as I have listed the apps which are available free to download from the official app stores of Google and iTunes. Hence, you can be sure that these apps are risk-free, and they mean no harm to your mobile device.

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apps to cool your phone down

List Of Best Cooling App For Android And iOS

Cooler Master – Clean Booster

cooler masterCooler Master is one of the best battery coolers for the android. It clears the CPU usage of the apps, hence it cools down the draining of the battery as well. Both processes will cool your phone down. It also monitors the temperature of the phone from time to time. While it works on the consumption of CPU power at the back end.

You also can easily clear the CPU cache memory and the RAM usage just by a simple tap of the button. Since it keeps a check on the battery and phone temperature, it enhances the battery health and life as well.

The high consumption of battery and CPU usage apps are on its radar every time. Whenever the phone is ideal, it shuts them down as a result of which the phone’s resources are not overused.

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Super Clean

supercleanThis is an amazing app that could really help your phone in terms of boosting the powers. It has got junk cleaner, memory booster, and app lock as well.

CPU cooling, battery cleaner is its main USP, hence this is pretty useful for saving the battery and cooling the phone as well.

It also has got one tap boost button that will let you clean everything and boost the performance of your phone to the topmost levels. It also has a game booster option if you are a gamer.


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CPU Cooler

CPU CoolerThis is pretty simple to use the app and its working is also very simple. This app is for android users, and they can easily download this from the Google Play Store. CPU Cooler cools down the phone by reducing the CPU usage and reducing the activities of the background apps.

Some of its features include displaying the real-time temperature of the phone. Phone cleaner. Also performs deletion of junk files from the phone. Acts as a speed booster by boosting the speed of the phone’s RAM. This app’s user interface is also very neat and easy to use.

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Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master

phone cooler - cpu masterAnother awesome app that is used by thousands of people for cooling down their phones is this one. You can download this app directly from the app store of Google.

This app works quickly and effectively. It is also considered a battery-saving cooler app. Since you have this app, there is absolutely no need to worry about anything.

You can search the web freely. Play your favorite game without worrying about heating the phone. It has got an awesome feature to cool down the phone just by one tap. It also detects overheating apps.

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Phone Cooler – Battery Saver

battery doctor - phone cooling appYou might be aware of the fact that the battery of the phone is the main part responsible for the heating of the phone. Since this app works closely in monitoring the battery heating and cooling it instantly, you can be sure that the cooling of your phone also takes place at the same time. The process of this app is very simple.

It stops the apps that are draining the power from the battery and save battery life and ultimately working on the health of the battery.

The app has a shortcut that could be used in order to dramatically reduce the usage of the battery just by a single button touch.

It also works when the phone is in no work mode. You also can schedule the power saving time for a particular time of the day. For example, when you are sleeping, you can save battery. It also has multi-language options and easy to use interface.

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Cool Down Phone Temperature

cool down phones temperatureAdding another latest edition of the phone cooling app is Cooling Master by Alpha.20. They have built an amazing app that could be used.

You have to scan and analyze CPU temperature and tone it down just by a touch. The developers claim that this app cools down the temperature of the phone from about 9%.

Hence, this is all the news that you require to download this one and check if that is true. Once you have installed this app, this one tracks the temperature and makes sure that the phone is never heated. Also, the application that requires the maximum amount of RAM is kept in check.

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System Status

system statusThis is not exactly a cooling app. But this could provide you the status of all the hardware activities happening inside your iPhone. Hence, you would be able to take appropriate actions in order to make your iPhone stop from heating. I personally use this app to track and monitor all the hardware changes going on in my phone

You would be getting some of the most advanced and live monitoring and optimizing tools inside this app. They will also tell you about the battery status.

Also, it gives charging time, discharging time, and full battery status. As a result, you will find it pretty easy to stop any unnecessary apps that are running on your phone. This will surely prevent any type of heating inside your iPhone.

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Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

smart cooler - phone coolerThis is another very effective best phone cooler app when it comes to cooling down your phone instantly. Some people might think that do phone cooling apps work? And the answer to that question is a definite yes.

Since these apps directly work on cutting down the CPU utilization of the ideal apps, it helps in bringing the battery usage down which finally helps reduce the temperature of the phone. Some background processes and the apps that keep on running are the easy ones to be eliminated.

So you have a quick reduction of the ram usage and memory usage as well. Some awesome features that are included in this app are heat-generating app detection. In this step, the app will keep a check on the working of each and every app and with the help of the app usage data, it will find the app which is causing the heating. One tap cooling is also included.


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