Best Battery Cooler For Android

Are you looking for the best battery cooler for android? Is your phone heating up regularly? In case your answer is yes, then you have landed on the perfect page. Here I have talked about some of the awesome battery cooler apps for your android phone. These are legitimate apps that will help in regulating your phone’s temperature.

These are apps to cool your phone down. Below listed phone coolers will not impact any working of your phone. But they will help the apps to control their usage and keep them in check. That is the reason I would recommend you try these awesome battery coolers for an android phone.

The listed apps will be from Google Play Store. Hence, you need not worry about the authenticity of these apps. You can easily download these apps for free.

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best battery cooler for android

Best Battery Cooler For Android

Q Battery Doctor -Battery Cooler

q battery doctoerQ battery doctor is an amazing battery cooler app. This comes with many amazing battery optimizing features. These features will ultimately help the battery to cool down. It has got some amazing tools inside this app.

Battery Extender, Energy Analyzer, Power Manager, Smart Charger, CPU Cooler are some of them.

The best thing that I love about this app is that you will be getting all the usage graphics. The graphs and all the details will let you know what all are the process that are consuming too many resources. Hence, you may find them and check if those could be deleted. If you delete them then your battery will always be cool.

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Cool Battery

cool batteryCool Battery is another amazing battery cooler app that will help you in keeping your battery cool. This is an amazing app for all those people who are heavy phone users. If you love to play online games, then your phone might be getting heated regularly. But if you install this app, then half of the problems will vanish for you.

You can get all the battery-related details just by a tap. Some of the options that are provided by the app are Battery level checker, battery temperature measure and voltage checker as well.

Using these options you will be able to keep a check on the battery temperature, battery usage levels and ultimately keep your battery cool. Cool Battery app also provides a power-saving eco mode. This could be used to further save the battery.

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Battery Saver – Battery Cooler

Battery Saver- Battery CoolerThe Battery Saver app also helps in cooling the battery down. You will face no issues with the heating up of the battery after this app installation. It has got special battery cooling functionality.

When you use this app regularly, it will monitor the battery temperature and apps function regularly. This app works on those apps which take higher CPU utilization and ultimately heat up the battery. Hence, you will get fair idea about the good usage of this battery saver app.

It has also got some amazing power modes that could be set. Some of them are Power Saving Mode for good power saving. Normal mode when you are on the normal level of battery. Ultra power saving will be used when your battery is about to die. Extreme power saving mode will enable when you have less than 5% power remaining in your battery.

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Cool Down Phone Temperature – Battery Cooler CPU

Cool Down Phone Temperature - Battery Cooler CPUAs the name suggests, this is a battery cooler CPU app. This measures the performance of the CPU. By doing so, this app gets the list of all the apps which are enabling the high usage of the CPU and this will trigger higher battery temperature.

Hence, by using this app you will get the list of all the apps that are consuming excess CUP resources.

You need to restrict their uses or if you are not a regular user of those apps, then you need uninstall those apps. This will help your battery cool down and you will enjoy a cool battery. This way you will be able to enjoy your internet surfing or game play with a cool battery. Battery Cooler CPU app also has a one-tap battery cool down feature. Hence, this is definitely one of the best battery cooler for an android.

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Battery Cooler

battery coolerThis is the first app in the list of awesome battery cooler for android. It is one of the most professional battery app. It regularly monitors the battery temperature. Makes sure that there are no extra resources consumed by any app. Also, keeps a check on them.

This battery cooler will help your phone keep the battery cool. This will be done by closing the apps which are not required or are less frequently used.

As a result of which your CPU usage would be reduced. This process will ultimately cool down your battery. Also, the life of the battery would be increased.


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