Best Free Karaoke Apps For iOS

For parties and events one should have at least a best free karaoke apps. Without a karaoke round, party cannot be completed. Hence you always should have a karaoke app installed on your iOS device when and if you are planning to throw a party.

To solve this problem, I have done my research. As a result of which I have come up with this cool list of best free karaoke apps for ios. The aps listed below are the legitimate app that you can install from iTunes directly. Hence these are totally legitimate app and you need not worry about their authenticity.

Best Free Karaoke Apps – iOS

  1. The Voice

    the voiceOne of the best apps for iOS users is The voice. With some of the amazing quality of music you can enjoy all the songs. There are lots of option that you can easily use for singing here. The best part that is liked by many of the users is the team creation part. Here on this app you can create the team and share the music and sing with each other.

    You can also start a competition among your friends and check ratings given to you by others. Hence this is kind of great app. As this could be used for Karaoke and for singing as well. There are lots of options of sharing as well. You can share your songs and check your rankings according to the apps algorithm.

    All in all this is one of the better apps that you could use and start your singing journey. At the same time you also can use this one as the karaoke app and share your singing performances.

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  2. Smule – The Singing App

    smuleSmule is also one of the best apps when it comes to the karaoke usage. You also can use this for single and duet songs as well. You also can combine your songs with the singers like Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi. The users of this app get access to free millions of songs with music and lyrics.

    There are lots of options that support LiveJam to sing and perform LIVE as well. Hence this is great app to use for all the karaoke lovers at any party. You also can improve your audio quality with the studio like effects. Hence you will definitely sound like a professional.

    There are feects like smoke, bubbles and fireflies. Hence you can easily stand out of the crowd and you will sound special. You also can get singing score and sing like a karaoke pro.

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  3. Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs

    karaoke - sing unlimited songsOne of the well known apps between the karaoke lovers is Karaoke by Yokee Music. This is free to use app and has great features that you can use along with your friends. You can record the music and share it on social media. You also can listen to your friends performances and interact with them. All in all this is a great app for iOS karaoke lovers.

    The sound effects include auto-enhanced, echo effects and auto tune as well. Hence you can use it and sound like a professional and impress the world with your professional performances. Other effects involve Chorus and Radio as well.

    Karaoke – sing unlimited songs is easy to use app and has a nice user friendly interface. The usage of memory with this app is also very low. Hence you can definitely try this app and checkout its cool features.

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  4. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

    red karaoke singRed Karaoke has been developed by Red Karaoke developers. This is exclusive app for the iOS users. This is free to use app and has audio and video karaoke options as well. Hence you can sing and record your performances at the same time and share it on social media. The database has 100,000+ songs from which you can choose your favorite one and start performances with your friends.

    The best part that I liked about this app is that, you also can connect this app with your TV. Hence you can have a mega party at your home using this app from your iOS device. You also can use this one on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

    There is also a premium or VIP subscription that you can take if you like this app. The fees involved would be $2.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly and $39.99 annually. This is totally worth this amout of money. As you would be getting tons of cool options and along with that you will have access to full song catalog.

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  5. StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs

    star makerYou might have guessed by the name. StarMaker has been known as a karaoke app for its quality of effects and songs. It has got 50M+ users using this app. All you need to do is to pick your favorite song and start singing with the karaoke and with the additional effects. This will make your song performance just like a professional.

    It has also got a great music community that you can use to make friends and share your performances. You can browse music, post videos ,photos and recordings as well. Hence this is kind of all in one app that you can use.

    You also can by the premium membership of this app to get all the latest releases. It is one of the top karaoke app and it will also let you edit the song after you have recorded the same. Star Maker can easily make you sound like a star and make you sound like a professional.

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