Top Best Microphone Apps For Android And iOS

Having the best microphone app is essential for everyone. Specially if you belong to the group of people who actively use their smartphones for everything. Hence you might also be using your phone as a microphone. In that case, it becomes even more important to have best microphone app that turns your phone into a microphone for your computer or laptop.

You also could use the microphone app to start conversation with a stranger or chatting with your friends as well. There are options to use your mobile phone’s microphone for karaoke as well. Hence if you have a good and decent microphone app then you can use your phone for multiple purposes for microphones as well. As a result of which I am going to list some of the free and the best microphone apps for android and ios users.

Best Microphone Apps For Android And iOS For Free

  1. Pro Microphone

    pro microphoneAs the name suggests, the functionality of the app is of professional quality. For that very reason, I have listed this app on the top of my list of best microphone apps for android and ios. This app is available for both, android and ios users. This can be easily used for singing, karaoke and live performances as well.

    You also have the inbuilt voice editor and also can change the voice using the effects and other editing mechanisms. It also have various equalizer and numerous sound effects that can help the users with the voice alteration and editing.

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  2. Megaphone

    megaphoneAnother great app when it comes to recording using the mobile with some awesome features is Megaphone. This is without a doubt a great microphone app that can be used by android and ios users. You can easily raise your voice to record with the quality options present in this app. This is the free microphone app that is available in the google and itunes app stores.

    All you need to do is to keep the red button pressed so that the voice is recorded constantly. Hence till the time you keep the button pressed the audio would be recorded. It also has got the volume settings and the instructions that you can read and use the app. Megaphone is fairly easy to use app. You can give this app a try if you would like to experience the quality audio recording with your smartphone.

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  3. Saylt Wireless Microphone

    sayltSaylt is a great microphone app exclusively for the ios users. It has been developed by nVoq developers. This is a free to use app, hence you can easily convert your iPhone as a microphone when you have installed this app. It also has go inbuilt speech recognition system to dictate notes as well. Hence by installing this app you will have a microphone functionality and a speech recognition solution as well.

    It is also used for submitting transcriptions, dictating notes and editing and running speech automation services as well. This is a kind of multipurpose app that you can use for many things. You also can use it as a wireless microphone for your ios device but you would be needing a subscription to the Saylt account.

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  4. Microphone By Wonder Grace

    microphoneAnother great microphone app by wonder grace. It has got some serious and quality options for a microphone app. You can do a whole lots of activities apart from the basic microphone stuff. One of the simple task for this is mic to speaker routing application. It also has got amplifier, Equalizer and mono / stereo output individually.

    Some of the other options include, sampling rate selection, widget support and other options that will really help you in over all sound recording techniques. This app is available for the android users as of now. Microphone has also received a great feedback from the users, hence you can try this app if you need some quality app for for converting your android phone to mic. You can download this for free from the link below from the google play store.

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  5. M*Modal Mobile Microphone

    modal mobile microphoneOne of the best usage of this app as a microphone app would be to get the transmission of recorded audio directly to your desktop application. The app uses secure data transmission to stream audio from the mobile device to the application installed on the desktop or laptop. When you are using this application, there is absolutely no need of a Bluetooth or connection of mobile device to the system.

    This is an awesome app that can be used by android and ios users as well. It is free to use and could be used by any one with the basic knowledge of smartphone. With the cloud based system of M*Modal Speech Understanding it operates on all the devices hence it is pretty handy app to use.

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