Free Palm Reading Apps For Android And iOS

Free palm reading apps can tell you whatever you want to know about your future. Hence, today I am going to present the best list of free palm reading apps. This list will consist of the top best free palm reading apps for android and iOS devices.

Hence, there is absolutely no need to search any of the palm reading apps anywhere else. Also, these apps are pretty simple to use, hence there is absolutely no need for any kind of palmistry knowledge. Anyone who knows how to operate a phone would be able to know about their future using these apps.

I have listed all the free palm reading apps, hence you need not pay anything, this is the best part. These apps that As a result you can try all of these apps and select the best one that suits you. These apps can also be used for palm reading for females as well.

List Of Best Free Palm Reading Apps


palmistryPalmistry is an awesome app that you will absolutely love. This app predicts your future based on your palm’s length, the thickness of fingers, shape, color, and pattern of your palm.

The process behind the app is very simple. All you need to do is to take a picture of the palm and upload the same on the app.

The artificial intelligence analysis and gives all the predictions based on the above-stated dimensions on the palm.

You would be getting free personalized reports on your email. Palmistry also states that each and every part of your palm will control something or the other in your life.

Hence, they will provide you a complete analysis of your palm. For this very reason, I consider this one as one of the best free palm reading apps.

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Astro Guru

astro guruAstro guru has been one of the most used apps when it comes to palm reading apps. It is one of the unique fortune-teller apps with all-in-one features.

It also has other ways to tell your fortune like daily horoscope, tarot card reading but one of the most accurate ways that this app uses is palm reading. Even many celebrities have endorsed this app as they also believed in the app’s prediction.

There is a very easy way by which you can easily know about your future. The app uses the same, through your palm lines(hastrekha).

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Palm Reader – True Palmistry

palm readerOne of the first apps that comes to my mind, when I think of palm reading is palm Reader. This app is exclusively for iOS users. Knowing the hidden secrets, future and interesting unknown facts has never been so easy.

It provides an in-depth analysis of various things. The palm reader app uses a lifeline, head line, heart line, success Line, fate Line, travel Line, and marriage line.

It will also give you a clear picture of love life, quality of life, health, personality, married. It uses the ancient technique of Chiromancy.

This is considered to be one of the most accurate ways to predict anything about anyone. You also will get motivation out of it when it comes to knowing about your future and achieving the goals.

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Palm Reading

palm readingFor android users, this is the exclusive app, this one is brought to you by Astro Yogi. This app uses your hands, fingers, palm, and lines to predict your future.

It also provides an interactive question and answer option where you can also clear your doubts if you have any. You also get a daily horoscope. You will be getting predictions related to your love, career, finance, and health.

There is also the availability of an explanation of mounts. Palm reading for a female is also available. There are also nakshatra indications that are uncovered in this app. Hence, you can say that this is the complete app when it comes to palm reading.

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Palm Reading Personality Test

palm readig personality TestThis is a pretty neat app to use. Palm reading has never been so easy. According to this app, palmistry totally depends on the palm of the person. All the traits are defined by the lines on the palm.

You have to be very cautious of what your palm lines indicate. Hence, all the personality traits, love relationship, future package, and other human behavior is indicated by the palm reading.

Palm Reading Personality Test, the app is exclusively for Android users. This is one of the top free palm reading apps which is easy to operate and does not heat your phone as well. Hence, there will be absolutely no need to install any of the apps to cool your phone down.

According to the developers, it hardly takes 5-10 minutes to get future predictions and all the details from your palm.

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Palm Reading Analysis

palm reading analysisThis is free use app that could be used to predict the future using the lines present on one’s palm. This app uses the ancient methodology used by the Indonesian palmistry forecasters.

Hence, you can be assured of somewhat accurate data of the forecast. The best part about this app is that it could be used for offline usage as well. Hence, you would be able to store the data after the results have been displayed for you.

Palm reading analysis is an android app that is easy to use and is used by more than 50 thousand people all over. You would be able to get the predictions of your luck, love, and romance life as well.

As a result, this is a great app if you are looking for something similar. Hence, you should definitely try this app and download the same from Google Play Store.

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Live Palm Reader

live palm readerThis is one of the powerful tools. Using this app, you would be able to look into the future. You only need to take an image of your hands and you would be able to know each and everything about your future.

Using this app, you would be able to get the answers to many questions. Also, if you have any trouble taking any decisions, then this app will help you definitely.

You can also get your future face. This app shows your exact face and will tell you, how exactly you will look in the future.

Personally speaking, the best part that I like about this app is that you will be getting the daily horoscope as well.

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