Top Best Scary Face Changing Apps For Android And iOS

Even if it not the Halloween time, but you can use one of the best scary face changing apps to scare your friends. These apps could be used anytime to scare your friends or relatives at any point of time. All you need is a nice app that can turn your face into a scary face. Hence I am going to list down so the best apps that you could use scary face changing app.

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If you are planning to prank some one with your awesome scary face, you should try this app. The apps that are listed below are completely free to use app. Moreover, you would be able to download them directly from the android and ios app stores. As a result the scary face changing story would be free for you.

Best Scary Face Changing Apps

Best Scary Face Changing Apps For Android And iOS

  1. MSQRD

    msqrdWhen the name face changing apps comes to my mind, the first app that comes to my mind is MSQRD. It is one of the most popular apps that is used for swapping the faces. It has got awesome scary face filters. Using these scare face filters you can easily change your face into a scare face in no time. This is easy to use app with huge number of filters.

    You also can easily share the swapped photo on your social media, directly from this app. MSQRD is available for android and ios users, hence you can download the same from the respective app stores. When it comes to best scary face changing apps, MSQRD is a quality app that you can use.

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  2. Face Changer

    face changerAnother great app when it comes to scary face changing is Face Changer. This application is only for the android users, hence it is available for free on the google play store. It has got zombie, skeleton and other options that you can use for the scary face changer apps. It also has got the face changing capabilities in the video. With the camera option provided in the app, you can easily change your normal face to scary face.

    There is a great option to change your face while you are in the selfie mode. Here you can record the video or can click a photograph. With the social media sharing options, you can share the photos or videos with your friends and scare them in night.

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  3. ZombieBooth 2

    zombie booth 2As the name suggests, it is the app in which your normal face would be converted to a zombie face. This app lets you turn your face into a 3D animated zombie face. By using this app you can easily scare your friends and family. Some time even you would be surprised to see your zombie face. Zombie Booth will give you one of the most naturally transformed scary face. As a result of which you can easily scare anyone.

    Sine this app provides you a 3D animated effects, the breathing , growling and other effects are realistic. The converted face is fully interactive to your phone. This is no doubt one of the best scary face changing apps. It is available on android and ios both. As a result it has been downloaded more than 20 million times. This includes the first edition as well.

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  4. Zombify

    zombifyAnother cool Zombie app to change your face to a scary face. It is a nice app using which you can get a zombie face that moves, bites and makes scary actions. It uses the augmented reality to turn your face into a living zombie. The actions of biting, groaning, brain-eating are so natural, that it looks like that the image has been clicked from the phone’s camera.

    There are other options available within the app that can make your face more scary. You also can add Snakes, roaches, maggots and corpses to make the surrounding look more real. The developers have recently added the export option as well which you can use to save the image or animated video piece to your phone. Later you can share it with others as well.

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  5. Haunted Booth

    haunted boothAn awesome app for the ios users is the Haunted Booth app. This is a completely free to use app exclusively for the ios users. Haunted Booth is just like the zombie booth. The main difference between both the apps would be little. The other one had zombie in it, here you can become any ghost you want apart from zombie.

    Using this app you will be getting the 3D animated ghosts that you can use to scare your friends. You also can record your own voice to give the animated ghost a more personal look. Be sure that you are not using the images or 3D animations on Children or on the people with faint-heart.

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