Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS

The best thermometers are known for measuring the temperature accurately. You can easily measure the amount of heat and cold by using one of the best thermometer apps. Hence, having a thermometer with you becomes an added advantage whenever you are traveling or at home.

Measuring the indoor, outdoor, or recording body temperature is pretty easy using these thermometer apps. If you have a mobile device you can easily have the luxury of a thermometer whenever you need it. Hence, keeping this thing in mind and keeping away the pain of searching on a search engine for a thermometer app, I have curated a list of some of the awesome apps that are best known for working just like a thermometer.

These thermometer apps for android and iOS would be extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to install them from the official app store and you are good to go. You also can install these apps to measure fever temperature as well.

Must-Have Best Thermometer Apps For Android And IOS


  1. Real Thermometer

    real thermometerWith the help of this app, you can easily turn your mobile into a fine thermometer. You can easily maintain your body temperature if you are contently measuring it with a good thermometer app.

    Real Thermometer is definitely one of the best thermometer apps out there. You can easily use it and keep a track of your body temperature. It has got a simple and easy-to-use interface that is extremely light on your mobile device.

    This app has got default and nice GPS positioning option. It automatically shows the current body temperature, weather temperature, and other values as well. It is definitely a nice temperature app that you can use on your android and iOS devices.

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  2. Fever Tracker

    feevyFever Tracker is a great app if you are an iOS user. There is an app for android users as well which is named fever tracker. You can easily use this app.

    For tracking and recording, the exact details about the body temperature could be easily done by Feevy. It is an easy-to-use app with some of the most attractive features.

    They support beautiful charts, you can track the data, and that too for multiple people. You can share the data reports with other doctors as well so that they could recommend you some of the good medications.

    You also have the option to sync with other people, hence they would also be able to add their feedback and track the temperature.

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  3. Smart Thermometer

    smart thermometer appThe smart thermometer has been one of the widely used apps among people who need accurate temperature measurement. This app uses the sensor of the phone to measure the temperature.

    Also, you will have the option to check the temperature using the internet connection. In order to do that, you would need to open the GPS of the phone and the internet will let you know about the temperature of the area near you.

    The user interface is pretty smooth. Hence, you will not face any issues during the usage of the smart thermometer app. GPS usage is completely optional if there is a temperature sensor in your phone.

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  4. Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

    vicks smart temperature appVicks thermometer makes it easy to measure and make a record of the temperature. Also, making the history report on this app is extremely easy. As a result, you would be able to record the history and maintain a proper report.

    Vicks thermometer app also indicates the meter and changes the color according to the levels of temperature. You also can set the medicine dosage reminders. These are pretty helpful functions in any of the apps.

    You also have the option to make a note along with every temperature measurement. You can easily add and record symptoms, medicines taken, and everything related to medical history. Hence, this definitely one of the better thermometer apps.

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  5. iCelsius

    iCelsiusiCelsius is the app available for both, android and iOS users. It is an amazing app if you love to analyze the data. You will have the option to create graphs and set up alerts. Hence, monitoring the high body temperature situation becomes really easy.

    It could also be used in schools and colleges in order to demonstrate the temperature measurements. It has got live display data. The alarm option within the app also alerts when the temperature is above the measurable limit.

    You can also save history, make reports and also find some awesome recipes from within the app. The only thing that you need to take care of is that it needs an additional device to measure temperature. It is available on website.

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  6. Thermo – Smart Fever Management

    thermoThermo app is available for all android users. This app has been created for use with Thermo. Hence, you can track everyone’s temperature in one place. The readings are synced with help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    You have the option of creating all the history that you need for every member. It also has got some other useful features apart from measuring the temperature.

    It could be used as a reminder app for the medicines as well. You can measure temperature and record it manually here on this app. Thermo has devised fever management advice to help you monitor temperature and symptoms.

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  7. Thermometer ++

    Thermometer++This is one of the most widely used thermometer apps. But this will not be able to measure the body temperature. As there is a physical device attached to it. Also, there are no sensors made.

    The working behind the app is the usage of the internet. It will easily show the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Also, you would be able to know about the humidity and pressure.

    You also have the option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. This could be done when you are choosing the location on the map when you want to know about the temperature of the outside place.

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  8. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

    kinsa smart thermometerOne of the best thermometer apps in the market is Kinsa. This app has been recommended by many pediatricians. As a result of which this is famous for its accuracy and its awesome results.

    Kinsa smart app is very easy to use. You would be able to track temperature, symptoms, and medication very easily. All you need to do is to enter the temperature manually and symptoms as well.

    You would be getting the carts and reading day by day, hence it would be easy for you to track each and everything related to medicines.

    They also have provided you with a guide that could be used for exact measurements of temperature while using this app. Hence, I would totally suggest you this app if you are looking for something dependable and awesome.

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