Top 10 Block Messages And Calls Apps {Latest Update}

There might be certain situations where you might want to block certain numbers. Hence, you must have some of the best block messages and calls app.

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These apps would help you in blocking messages and calls easily. Also, when and if you download any app from this list, you can be sure that there are no spammy apps that are full of advertisements.

This list contains the top best block messages and calls apps that are available in the official app store. As a result, you will be getting the highest quality apps.

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List Of Block Messages And Calls App For Android & iOS

Call Blocker – Block & report unwanted calls

call blocker UKA number of times it happens that people want to block unnecessary messages and calls, but they do not know any source or apps, and they are upset.

So this app helps you in blocking messages and spam calls pretty easily.

It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted sources. Also, you can operate this app easily. At the same time, your phone will find this app to be a pretty light app.

If you get a spam call from any place or country, then this app gives you a warning in advance if the number is not saved on your phone.


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true callerThis is the world’s best caller ID & spam blocking app. This app gives you the best experience with an easy way to block unwanted messages and spam calls.

This app has a premium membership. Membership provides you the best privacy and spam protection along with the full details like name and location.

If anyone stalks your profile then it will notify you.

You can also send money, recharge, and pay bills with UPI with this app. These apps carry out a number of functions together at the same time, these are easy to use.

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Should I Answer?

should I answerMessages and Spam call protection to give warnings about suspicious callers that help you to avoid spam calls. Block unnecessary numbers to prevent them from calling you again.

App also blocks hidden or premium phone numbers, just make your block list and block the person and also allow the numbers.

The app can detect spam numbers easily on the call screen without interrupting you.

This app has some best features like Emergency Support. In case of an emergency, you can send your current location to the assistance you require. Without give your privacy.

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Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

whoscallWhos call – Call ID & Block it gives you a great experience by free service

Search unknown numbers before you dial out and do confirm. This app will aware of you that spam and you can block that particular number easily. You can easily find someone’s details of spam caller or messages by this free app.

It can help you to protect from spammer and also have safety and security features for your phone with great service and phone protection.

Block specific phone numbers and enjoy uninterrupted quality time.

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Call Control-SMS/Call Blocker Block Spam call

call controlAn unknown robocall, telemarketer calls, spammer calls, and also annoying phone makes you sad. If you want to block him with calls and messages, then the call control app will help you and that person will not able to call you again and you can live your life by being tension-free.

This call controller and blocker app provide you privacy also with some private features.

If you don’t know you are a messenger and the person who calls you then the call control will easily tell you who is the person who is calling you and the amazing feature of this app is that a lot of blacklist and call blocker apps automatically block thousands of spam calls and messages.


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Hiya- Call blocker, Fraud detection & caller id 

hiyaBlock spam calls and spoof calls automatically detect those numbers which look similar to the number near you and it’s easy to identify spam calls and messages as well!

This app has advanced the future with virus protection and security. The app gives to your phone security and will keep the phone safe from the virus if an unknown person tries to contact you and you want to block the number without any response this app will help you.

This app Spam messaging and spoof Call both can handle easily. App provides you with an unknown caller id that can easy to see which one tries to contact you. Phone number lookups help you identify a call from an unsaved contact.

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Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware

nortan mobile securityNorton is an antivirus and mobile app so you are extra secure with your phone with extra privacy. Norton removes the virus and also aware of spammers.

The app automatically block unwanted fraud, spam, and robocalls from your blacklist

You can easily block the suspicious number with your blacklist from the call waiting line. There is no need to be afraid of pets and useless calls, this app will help you live your tension-free life. You can easily add the number to the blacklist simply and block them.

You can easily block peoples, numbers, or messages from a direct blacklist. Easy to use app light size app also app doesn’t occupy a huge place on the phone memory and work with the best security and some best other features.

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Sync.ME – Caller ID & Contacts

Get contacts and display details about unknown calls.

You can easily handle and operate this app. Features of this app are very handy and the app contains the best feature to protect you and your phone from unwanted and unknown person contact. This app easily and auto block spammer messages.

You can easily search for similar and duplicate numbers, then merge those numbers in your contact book and find the duplicate or similar numbers.

Also, you can easily export the contact file and get a backup in your contact book.

Small file size app. Helpful and best-featured app.

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Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection


mr numberMr. Number – Caller id & Spam Protection is a very safe platform app. Mr. Number is the fastest method to identify a spam caller. Lookup and spam caller number quickly and easily

Spammer call detection and automatic blocking. Mr. Number has a report spam function that also helps others in the community by blocking and reporting spam. If you suspect an unknown person, then you can easily get the number of details.

If you want to Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time use this app and get the best benefits.

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Show caller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker


showcallerShow caller have auto call recorder, smart dialer, phone number lookup, quick contact, and also have an offline database that’s why it can help you save your data and get contact and spammer details in offline mode.

The Show caller shows you the details of the number which is not saved in your phone, after you know that unknown number, you can block it, or else you can save it in your phone contacts.

Show caller removes any unknown spammer calls and message details and warns you in advance so that you can avoid fraud.

With all features, the app gives you privacy, protection, and a problem-free calling and messaging experience.

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