Top 10 Board Game Apps For Android & IOS

Boardgame apps are just amazing to play. I play them every time with my niece and nephews. It’s great fun and time pass with them.

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The list below contains some of the best board game apps that I have used myself and thoroughly enjoyed. Also, I have included different varieties of board game apps just to keep at least 1 game from every game type.

Not to miss, all these games are free-to-board game apps. Hence, there is absolutely no need to pay for the same. You would be able to download these directly from the official app stores.

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Best Board Game Apps

Top 10Best Board-Game-Apps

King Tactics – The Wars of the Roses

Join this historic war battle to add some fun to your boring life. Show your capability in this game! how capable you are to play this game and win this battle. Use your tactical skills to prove yourself a legend.

You need to make the best strategy in this game with your friends to defeat your opponent.

King Tactics is a very interesting and mind game app. You can play this game with your friends and family members and have fun.

You just need to make a strong team and play dedicatedly with your partners to win. Everyone can play this game, a simple and interesting game for every player. Make your hard strategy follow the rules and attack the front opponent and make your score high.

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7 Wonders

7 wonder is a table-top multifunction game. This game wins multi awards in the board category. You can play this game offline only with artificial intelligence. If you want to play against players, you need the internet or online method. This game needs a balanced strategy to defeat the opposite team. It’s just like a military game you have to choose the right decision and patients for this game.

7 wonder is a multiplayer game. You can add more than 7 players per game and the time duration of the game is 5-7 min, you can play and fresh your mood with your friends. This app is available in 7 languages. Play this mind-sharping game and get an awesome experience.

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Ubongo – Puzzle Challange

Give the puzzle challenge to yourself and test your mental capacity in mind-games. You will learn this game easily and play it with your friends. Ubongo has different types of levels, Easy to hard. The game will start from an easy level and it will become harder. You can play this game with your friends and make bet between you and your friends.

If you want to play this game? Simply download this game and login yourself as a user and play it. Ubongo is available in many languages, select your easy language, and do a challenge for your friends to show their ability in this game.

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Codenames Gadget

Codenames Gadget is a multitasking game. If you have a sharp mind then this game is definitely for you. You need to make the best strategy to get code. Codename is a two player game you can play with your friends and family members. This game comes with a game timmer for both people. Take your one step back, think your next trick, and defeat your opponent.

The simple but not easy app, you need to play with your mind and tricks. This is a light size app anyone can download it easily and play with it. Make your mind fresh by play this game.

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Carcassonne: Official Board Game – Tiles and Tactics

Do you want to play tiles tactics games in 3D mode? This game is based on 3D model gaming, the board game gives you a virtual reality experience when you play it. Every age group player can play this game easily. In this game, you need some technics to get your queen in it. You can take the help of other expansions like – River, Dragon, etc. it can help you to achieve your mission.

There are many more challenges in this game. This is a family function game, you can enjoy this game with your family. Play with up to 6 peoples and build your own character. Make a unique strategy or different type of technique to complete your mission and win prizes in it.

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Onirim – Solitaire Card Game

Do you like cards or card games? You must have played many cards game in your life, but this game is different. This is a virtual card game of board games. Onirim is a solo card game to play where you lost your real world and entered into a mysterious world. This game gives you a different level of experience in virtuality.

Onirim has many levels of game tutorials, or you can pursue it before you play this game, if you are a beginner. This is a solitaire card game. Make your high score on the leaderboard and share your experience with your friends. There are detailed game tutorials for every level. This game is available in many languages.

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Maquis Board Game

Play France based board game for everyone. There are many levels of variable goals in it this game is a solitaire worker. Maquis has 3 different types of mission – easy, normal, and difficult. If you want to play this game without any interruption of ads, then you can purchase this app or missions. Many offers are available for purchase.

Original board game, many types of levels, and mission. You can customize your character to your satisfaction and also build your own character. This game has the best graphics and board app permission. You can share your scores and experience on social platforms. Take some time to make a strategy and win the mission.

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Through the Ages

Through the ages is one of the best and interesting board games in the world of all time. There are 100 above cards to build your mission civilization. You can explore the many paths and with making strategy to get a victory in it.

Make sure you pass your levels by managing your resources for the next levels. You can learn the rules by tutorial if you are a beginner with funny tutorials.

Play this game with your online friends and give them the challenge to compete with you. This is a multiplayer game you can play this game online or offline mode. If you are playing this game offline then a computer character is playing with you. Easy to play this game.

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Splendor is the best-selling board game, this is a paid game. The cost of this game is 5.99$ But this cost is worth it for you. Play this multitasking game and find out the clues of your goal. Get another type of experience in your life.

Use your resources to find gems and jewelry with help of the transport method in this game.

You will get rewards after crossing the levels. You can with online multiplayer, and offline with your friends. There are many more challenges in the exclusive game mode. You need to pass these levels to get rewards. Splendor is mind sharping game and anyone can play this interesting game.

Onitama – The strategy board game

If you like solo board games? Then Onitama is only for you. This game is based upon Chinese strategy.

All opponent has 4 warriors and you can play with them to win your battle, you need to make the best strategy if you want to win your game. Onitama is a fully masterminded game anyone can play this game easily.

Easy to download and easy to play this game. First, you have to analyze the full game and make a strong strategy based on the game. This is a very interesting game, once you start playing this game. You will find the world interest of the game by losing the real world. The level starts from easy and it will become difficult after some time.

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