Best Catalog Apps For Android & iOS

Having one the best catalog apps is essential for your pitch. If you are a student, a sales representative or a distributor, presenting yourself with these amazing catalog apps becomes really easy.

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You would be easily able to manage your library using these catalog apps. Hence, taking help of these catalog apps will not be important but also essential. As this will make you and data to be managed in a smart way.

Also, managing every document and supporting text is pretty easy on your mobile phone. But if you go with the old traditional way of using pen and paper or paper catalog, then it becomes very tedious to manage a huge inventory.

Because of all these issues, I would recommend you that you start using a catalog app. Listed below are some of the best catalog apps in the industry. You may check them out and start expanding your ventures.

best catalog apps

List Of The Best Catalog Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Libib

    libibLibib is one of the well known app in this field of catalog apps. It could be easily used for medium level inventory. Hence, this could be used for anything and everything on a medium scale.

    All the products that you will be uploading on this app will be synced to their website as well. As a result, you will have much easier data access and more web visibility.

    On their website you would be able to make other changes as well. These include tagging, reviewing, rating, importing and also making notes.

    All in all, you could say that this is a pretty efficient and easy to use app. Hence, you can definitely say that this is one of the best catalog apps. A number of people with dress and clothing store use this app.

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  2. Handshake: B2B Sales Order App

    handshakeAnother great catalog app in the market is Handshake. This app is not only a catalog app but also a B2B sales app as well. Both app and website are easy to use. There are options present to place order directly from the website and app as well.

    Hence, it will be really easy to manage your venture using this app. All your data is at one place and your orders are also at safe and secured.

    The app also comes with bar code product search. Also, there are multiple beautiful layouts present for you to place all your products in catalog form.

    Displaying all the up to date product pricing and inventory list becomes really easy with this amazing catalog app.

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  3. Pepperi Sales Rep App

    Pepperi Sales Rep AppAnother awesome addition to this amazing list of best catalog apps is Pepperi. This is amazing app not only for sales rep but also for field agents, and sales managers.

    Sales Rep could easily use this app with all the stunning e-catalogs. Also, they would be able to take the orders from the app itself. This increases the up-selling and cross-selling for the products.

    Managers could use it for scheduling their team activities, setting price lists, setting goals, managing promotions. This could easily be achieved by the help of this awesome catalog app.

    Pepperi also supports survey and exhibition events activities etc, this also makes it stand out in the form of all in one catalog app. Hence, you can definitely try this one out.

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  4. CatalogIt

    CatalogItThis app is also present for android and iOS users for usage as one of the best catalog app. CatalogIt will is known for creating amazing, helpful, informative and accurate catalogs.

    The product classification allows the rep to present different products based on their exact categories. Hence, the target customers could easily be attracted towards your products.

    The app is amazingly user-friendly and easy to use. Also, all the database is synced with the central database and is safe and secure.

    One of the best advantage of having this app is, it could be used for exact meaning, context, and connections in accordance to the type of customer that you have. Hence, the impact of your product will be evident if and when all the right set of information is presented.

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  5. Flipper Catalogs

    Flipper CatalogsFlipper Catalogs is known for its extremely well-designed and attractive catalogs. With its tidy and trendy templates nice and attractive catalogs could be designed.

    This app has product groups as categories that could be used by one and all. These could be customized according to one’s needs. Hence, you would be easily able to impress clients with neat and clean and accurate catalogs.

    The developers have also added pinch zoom and pan option for the product images. Since, every thing and every data on the app would be synced with online servers, it could be accessed from anywhere and also could be edited from anywhere.

    There is absolutely no need of learning codings or anything of that sort. You can easily use the templates and options present within the app.

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  6. Showcase Sales App

    showcase sales appThis app is an amazing catalog / sales app. You have all the options to list your products along with the price and description. You can easily make a brand of your products that depicts quality.

    The customizations in the products are always available pretty easily in the app. Hence, doing things like editing products and prices, changing prices, offering a promo, swapping out the home screen etc becomes a piece of cake.

    The content management system of this app is so easy that even a 5th grader would be able to make attractive and accurate catalogs.

    The app data and your company data is centralized. Hence, it could be edited and accessed from anywhere with the presence of internet. Also, the security features are just amazing within this app.

    The best thing that I personally like about this app is that, it works offline. Hence, I can just download all the data and be done with the online work. This option provides flexibility to the app.

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