Top Best Demon Face Changer For Android & iOS

Are you searching for a demon face changer? Do you want to convert your selfie to a demon’s image using a demon face changer? If the answer to both the question is yes.

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Then you are the perfect place. As I have listed these amazing demon face changers for your mobile phone. You will absolutely love these apps.

These apps will help you in making yourself look scary. These demon converter apps could be downloaded from the official app stores. Hence, you can be sure that these are quality apps and are absolutely safe to use on your phone.

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Demon Face Changer


Top Best Demon Face Changer

Demon Cam

demon camDemon cam is an awesome app that is present for all iOS users. This app lets you record the video and converts them into a demon.

Hence, this is a wonderful app to use. Convert yourself very easily into a demon and send those videos to your friends.

It also has automated face tracking. Easily convert the videos into demon videos. Prank your friends easily.

The developers have also added 7 filters that could be used by anyone. The steps are very easy to follow. All you need to do is to record a video.

Upload the same to the app and mark the tracker and choose the filters and save the video. Post which you can share the videos on social media with your friends.

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Download From iTunes Store

Devil Face Camera

devil face cameraThis is the app for all android users. As the name suggests this is another demon face changer app. You can easily make your face look like a devil.

You need to click the picture and select the filter and save the image, and you are good to go.

There is an option using which you also can take a group photograph and convert the same into a photograph full of devils.

Devil face camera has a number of filters that could be used. Also, the developers have added some devil stickers as well.

You can easily scare people by using this devil face camera app. Hence, you should definitely download this app from the Google Play Store.

Download From Google Play

Devil Face Mask Photo Editor

Devil Face Mask Photo EditorThe devil face mask is a great face app that is used to convert your image into a devil image.

You also can use this app on the occasion of Halloween as well. Making a devil photo of yourself is very easy using this devil face mask photo editor.

It also has some amazing filters of vampires, devils, and other spooky ghosts. The developers have also added horror photo conversion options as well.

Some effects that are added in these filters include the devil horn and tail as well. Hence, these small little things make your photograph authentic and scary. Other effects include a horror mouth, Halloween background with horror teeth, and scary eyes.

Devil Photo Editor? Demon Face Changer

devil photo editorAdding another app that is an awesome demon face changer. This one is named Devil photo editor – Demon camera app.

This app is present for all android users. Hence, it could be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Making a scary photo has never been so easy. This app supports awesome scary filters that you can easily use.

These are free-to-use filters. The developers have also added devil masks as well. This is not present in any other app. All you need to do is to upload an image in the app. Select the demon sticker and add it to your image.

Also, you may be able to add text and a devil photo frame as well and your awesome devil image is ready. You can save the photo to your device. Sharing on social media is also very easy when you are using this app.


Devil Horns Photo Editor

devil horns photo editorThis is one of the new photo editors. This app will change your old and boring selfie or photo into a cool demon or devil photo.

If you aspire to be a bad boy or a bad girl. Then this is a great demon face changer app for you. You should definitely try this app to make a spooky sticker out of your own photo.

You can have all the fun with your own photo by turning it into a devil or demon photo horn. With easy-to-use options present in the app, you will be able to add horns of the devil to any of your photographs.

This app has one of the largest collections of devil horns as a result you can easily change your face into a demon. All you need to do is to click a photograph and select the sticker along with the devil horns, and you are good to go. Also, share the converted image with the demon face directly on social media.

Devil Photo Frames

devil photo framesDevil photo frames have an amazing set of frames that can turn your normal image into a demon image within a few seconds.

All you need to do is to download the app and upload your natural-looking image. Devil photo frames make your photo look scary image.

This will definitely scare your younger siblings. You also can adjust brightness, sepia, saturation. Make your image darker so that it looks more like a demon image.

The developers have also added special effects like lightning and hazy background. These effects will provide authenticity to the app as well.

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