7 Discord Alternatives For Android {Updated List}

Discord Alternatives For your entertainment and communication. Are you looking for an alternative app of discord? Do you want to use more other platforms for online chatting, gaming, live video chats, similar to the discord platform?

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Here is the best list of the Discord alternatives apps for you. You can check these apps to improve your live interaction from Discord to other platforms. Start your live chatting and texting with these best alternative apps of Discord.

These all apps are free of cost for your android device. You can easily download these apps from the play store, you don’t need high space or RAM for your device.

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Discord Alternatives Apps


If you are looking for the best discord alternative app for your device, then this Skype app is for you. This app works on all types of android devices you don’t need high storage phone.

Skype is light in size app you can easily install on your device. Skype app has the best video quality calling facility with less taking data.

You can easily chat with your friends, family members on a single platform.

This app is the best alternative to Discord you can easily handle your meetings and live sessions with this app. This app has a friendly user interface with fewer interruptions.

The Skype app has a smart calling function to make your video calling or audio call experience better.

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Slack is an online chatting and video conferencing app with high quality and premium functions to make your online conferencing experience better with their facilities.

This app makes your work easier and reduces your stress level in comparison with other online chatting apps.

You can use this app as an alternative to Discord. This app gives you the best experience with high video quality and interesting themes.

You can easily make your meeting rooms with your employees and do a chat in a live presentation on this platform. You can share your status, availability, and many more things.

Share your documents and folder with another person safely through this app. You can customize your notifications according to you.

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Telegram is one of the best online chatting and video calling app. This app is similar to What’s App for chatting. You can easily chat with your friends and family members through this app.

Other you can watch online movies, shows, and many more things on a single platform. This is a fast working and powerful using the app.

Share your experience online through this app. You can take your online meetings and classes on this app. The Telegram is a free of cost and secured app.

You can easily do your video calls in high quality and online texting with full of security. You can use this app as an alternative to discord. In this app, you don’t need to pay any cost to serve the app.

Make your chat private and safe with the telegram. This app gives you full of privacy. You are safe while using this app you don’t need to take any type of tension.

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Steam Chat

Are you looking for a safe and fast working platform to make your video call and online chatting the best experience? This app helps you in these all things.

Steam Chat all functions work very easy and fast way. All features of this app provide you best and fast experience in a very easy way. You can make your private friends list with a particular section or group section in this app.

You can chat from your phone to any device very easily with Steam Chat. Do video calls, share videos, emojis, GIF, and many more things to show your emotions with this app.

You can easily join with your friends or other peoples by sharing only a simple link. The Steam Chat app is customizable as per your work or your need. Get in touch with your friends and your online team members.

This app will notify you when your teammate comes online.

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Discord Bots

Explore new and trendy topics for reaching on your channel with the Discord Bots app. This app suggests new and fresh content for your channel with high speed and the best working content.

You can make your own server through this app in a very easy and fast. This app provides you a search option for bots. You can easily search more than 18000+ bots on this app and easily add them to your server.

You can select top-voted bots with a chart tab. This app has a top 100 bots chart for you. You can easily select the bots which one perfect for you and your server.

Explore more than 1000+ bots for your server with the help of this Discord Bots app. This app is light in size, and you can easily use this app without any problem.

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Chanty app is a friendly and multi-working app. You can use this app for many purposes. Make your own room for your business meetings and create your server to take classes and many more things you can do through this app easily.

Take a live session with a high-quality video call, connect with other people from all over the world. This app is more useful for business employers.

Watch lots of movies, videos, YouTube videos, GIFs, and many more things on a single app. Make your server on this app and add your favorite persons personally by sharing your server link.

You can pin your special message and add it to the draft for future conversation. Stay connected with your notification and friends through this app. Save your previews, link, and document safe or on a particular folder.

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Use this app for your mobile gaming. You can chat with your friends through video chat, voice call, and text with this app. You can see the status of your friends and a particular person in your game or online meetings. Watch who is online or offline with the help of this app feature.

Chat with someone through voice chatting. If you want to do texting with other peoples this app will help you with some best and entertaining options.

You can make your own team and set your gaming sessions and live meetings with your friends, family, and other peoples. This app is very light in size. You can easily download it from PlayStore to your android device. Pinch app will notify you when your friend or your team member comes online.

Play online games with your friends in high quality and best speed. This app works in the background or split-screen. This app is a very safe and fast working alternative to the discord platform.

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