10 Best Feet Meter Apps For Android And iOS.

Believe me, if you have an amazing feet meter app installed on your phone you might never face any issues. This is when you have to convert measurements into your day-to-day life.

These feet meter apps could be really helpful when and if you are in a different country and want to convert the measurements.

Best Feet Meter Apps For Android And IOS

Nike Training Club

This app is offered by Nike, Inc. Nike, the largest and best brand of athlete shoes. This app helps to measure your shoe size by its vision technology using your smartphone’s camera. It gives a correct measurement of shoe size. It also tells that how many people in the world wear the same size as your shoes.

To measure your shoe size only you have to stand against the wall and take a picture of your feet and with help of artificial intelligence, the app gives you the perfect size of your feet.

This app also offers yoga classes, workouts with minimum equipment, cardio which gets your heart pumped. It helps you to make your routine and to follow it also supports smartwatch connection.

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Shoe size meter

This app is offered via tech projects. Simply you have to put your foot on a white A4 sheet with a dark background.  When using this app open the camera and point it on your foot then get the measurement of your size.

This app shows the American, European, and Chinese sizes of your shoes. Also, it offers a premium version by which you can get some more benefits of measuring the width of your foot, the international size chart for men, women, and kids.

It also offers you to see shoes of specific brands which match your shoe size.

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This app is offered by Ecom software. This application helps you to find your perfect shoe size by scanning your foot. By using this app you can create a 3D model of your feet and then easily get the right shoe pair while shopping online.

This app uses 3D camera app technology to achieve the same. Hence, the measurements are accurate most of the time.

This app is made up of mainly three elements: first is the industrial scanner which makes the 3D model of the inner volume of your shoes, second is a mobile application which allows getting a 3D picture of person’s feet, last is the software module which gives us our right shoe size, it examines the 3D model and provides the correct size.


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Jenzy: Easy kid shoe sizing

This app is offered by Ackerley Horner LLC. This app lets you buy the perfect shoe size for your kid of 0-6 years old. The first step involves, taking a snap of your kid’s foot and Jenzy will automatically record all the measurements and show the desired result. This app is very useful for busy parents as it gives the accurate shoe size of their kid quickly.

This app also partners with top-rated, best-selling kid’s brands like Nike, Vans, Native, etc. This helps you to buy stylish, durable shoes with the perfect recommendations of Jenzy. Free shipping and free returns are also available.

Another advantage involved with the usage of this app is, it keeps track of your child’s foot growth.

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This app is offered by Bespoke Factory Group S.L. This is an easy-to-use app and gives you the right size of foot. You will have to click images from three angels. You can also use a white sheet and place your foot on that to take pictures.

This step will enable the app to measure your foot even accurately and clearly. As soon as you upload these pictures, the app will start its processing and special algorithms will immediately generate a 3D model to determine your size.

Now you need not worry about your size when shopping online as you can use your FeetSizr ID and get a perfect pair without any fitting issues.

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INESCOP your feet

This app is developed by INESCOP. Using this app you can find the length, width, and size of your foot very quickly and easily. To get the measurement you have to take photographs of your feet from lateral and vertical view. In addition, a picture with white background is also needed to make a three-dimensional model of your foot. Once it gives you the right size all the information gets saved in-app and can be viewed anytime.

One of the best features of this app is that you can measure your foot size. This could be done in the different international units. Some of them could be European, American, British, and others. It also ables you to find your shoe.

INESCOP your feet is fast, easy, intuitive, and accurate in measurements.

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Easy measure

This app is offered by Caramba Apps. This is a measurement app for finding height, width, and distance. Distance of the object is seen through the camera lens of your device without a measuring tape or ruler.

To find the measurement of any object you simply have to aim your camera at the object and it will give the height, width, and distance. Easy Measure converts your phone into a virtual tape measure and ruler.

This app can also help you in converting the units of measurement and the best thing is that more than two conversions can be made at a time. There will be absolutely no need to exit the current screen to doing the next conversion. A comprehensive animated tutorial on how to use this app is also included.

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This app is offered by Google LLC. This app could be used with smartphones as a digital measuring tape. This app helps you in day-to-day life. Measurements of the sofa, table, door, lamp posts building and other objects for which measuring tape will not work can be taken. Height, width, and distance are easily measurable.

For finding the distance, you have to point the camera at the object and mark two points. The app will give you an approx distance between these two points. Measurements done may not be correct every time, it just provides an estimate. A physical ruler will still work better. App’s performance depends on the phone to phone.

Measurements can easily be converted into other units, copied into a clipboard, and can be deleted forever.

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Neatsy – AI sneaker fit finder

This application is offered by Neatsy, Inc. This app uses your front camera for determining your correct shoe size which will help you in online shopping. It works as a 3D scanner with the help of its Truedepth technology, AR scanner, and machine learning technologies.

After installing this app simply have to fill in a small form and shoe taste and preference then by scanning your both feet with the front camera. It will provide a 3d image and accurate shoe size.

This app also provides you sneakers models and its catalog contains brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordan Air, and Puma.


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This app is offered by Atlas – the shoe company. Atlas is a shoe company that makes safety shoes. This app is launched to measure your shoe size and give you suggestions for your safety shoes.

This app is very easy to use and can be easily installed. this app also gives you reviews and information about products exactly matching your shoe size.

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