Top Free Dancing Apps For Android And iOS

If you are the one who gets excited about dancing but knows little about it. Then here is the article that will teach you each and every dance step in a simple and easy manner.

You can use the dancing app at any drinking game. This list is all about the free dancing apps for android and iOS users. Learning how to dance with these apps will be a cakewalk for you.

All you need to do is to give your little time and dedication to these best free dancing apps. Personally speaking, I have also used one of these apps at a truth or dare party game.

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These listed apps are fully free to download and use as well. Now you need not pay a single penny for your dancing lessons as you have the best free dancing apps to help you out.

Best Free Dancing Apps For Android And IOS

  1. Just Dance Now

    just dance nowOne of the most amazing apps that you can use to learn to dance would be Just Dance Now. You can unleash the inner dance in you by using this app.

    The developers update this app frequently so that the users are getting the latest dance track and numbers. This app has more than 400 songs. Hence, it can add music to help you dance.

    Over these, you will also get original Just Dance 2018 console game songs as well. Hence, you will have a blast when you use this app for dancing.

    You also can customize this by creating your own list. There are options to choose songs that can play a number of times and practice your dance moves. This is easy to use and fun app if you really are interested in dancing, then you should give this app a try.

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  2. Belly Dance Fitness

    belly dance fitnessThe name says it all. With the usage of this app, you can win two battles with a single word. There is a great opportunity for you to learn belly dance and stay fit at the same time.

    This is the best app that you can try if you are going to learn to dance using these free dancing apps.

    The developers and the trainer have developed a great method and step-by-step guide to help from the absolute beginner level to the professional level.

    The app has also got mechanisms that you can use to reduce your belly fat. Maintain the belly and make it look nice to the outer world. There is an audio class also available for all the app users who just want to listen and follow the steps of belly dancing.

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  3. Hip Hop & Street Dance School

    hip hop dance schoolIf you are a lover and admirer of hip hop dance, then you should definitely give this app a try. This is an urban dance app and has got lots of cool options that you can explore.

    You have a great chance of learning and exploring new moves with the app. Showing your talent to the outer world has never been so easy.

    All you need to do is to record your perfect dance moves and show them to the world. You can improve your star ratings as well when you upload awesome videos.

    There is a chance that you can impress the judges and move up the ladder of competition. By using this app, you get to be a part of an awesome dance group and face skill improvement challenges.

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  4. Polearn – Pole Dance Tutorials

    polearnThis app is for all iOS users. It is one of the best pole dancing tutorial apps. The app has got some amazing tutorials that can help you master the skill.

    It has video tutorials. You also have written instructions that you can follow and make yourself perfect in pole dancing.

    Also, the developers have added about 100 different steps that you can learn step by step. There are different categories that you could use.

    Some of them are aerial silk, aerial hoop, yoga, and exotic as well. You also can learn amazing dance elements. All you need to do is to set the different skill levels and you are good to go.

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  5. Pole Dance Lessons by Veena

    pole dance by veenaBy the name, you might have understood the functionality and motive behind the app. This app is all about Pole Dancing. Hence, this is the app for you if you are looking to master the art of pole dancing.

    This is the app in which the dance is taught by Veena herself. She is a professional dancer who has taught the most number of students through her online space available.

    As a result, she has dedicated a full app to her dancing curriculum. You would be made aware of the basic to the master level.

    All the users would be taught by the dancer herself, as a result, she is aware of all the difficulties faced by herself during dancing. This is an awesome app if you are looking for something flexible and amazing as pole dance.