Top 9 Best Ghost Hunting Apps For Android And iOS

Ghost hunting apps are a must. If you are interested in paranormal activities. Also, if you are looking to find the surrounding energies. In that case, you should have ghost hunting apps. You should always be equipped with the right apps as you can find paranormal activities anywhere.

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As a result of which having a high-quality ghost, hunting app becomes all the more important. There are many apps that you could use in order to get the desired results. But not all apps are the same. For this very reason, in this article, I would be listing some of the best ghost hunting apps. You can choose any of these apps for your android or iOS device.

The best part about the listed apps would be their efficiency. Since they are available on the respective official app store, you can use them freely without any issue of security. Most of the listed apps would be free but some might require in-app purchase. You can check out scary face changing apps if you are really into ghosts.


The Best Ghost Hunting Apps That You Should Try Today

  1. Paranormal EMF Recorder

    paranormal EMF recorderWhen it comes to ghost hunting apps, the first name that comes into my mind is the Paranormal EMF Recorder app. This is available for both Android and iOS users.

    Paranormal EMF Recorder is free to use the app for all users. This is easy to use the app with all the actual readings of electromagnetic readings.

    You also can get an interesting chart and diagrams for designing for all your readings. You have a responsive and device-independent app that gives you accurate readings.

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    There is absolutely no need for any expensive instruments that are often shown in the movies. Most of the mobiles have EMF detection capabilities. This technology is used by this app to give you any sort of changes in the surroundings.

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  2. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

    ghost radarAnother great app in the field of ghost hunting is Ghost Radar. It is known as one of the best ghost hunting apps, hence it has been listed on the second number here.

    This is a pretty interesting app that has some pretty convincing meters to detect paranormal activities. It also has voice detection capabilities.

    The app certainly records the special and low voiced words. The users have reported various positive results after using this app. You also can find demons using this app.

    Though one cannot really prove the results from the app as correct or a piece of evidence, hence the developers have clearly stated that this app should only be used for entertainment purposes.

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  3. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

    ghost detectorGhost Detector is another useful app when it comes to ghost hunting apps. All you need to do is to install the apps and look for something interesting.

    Once the app has found something interesting or a free spirit or a ghost, you can talk to the ghost instantly using this app. You can ask all the questions and get the answers to your questions as well.

    Users of android and iOS can install this app for free and use it for ghost hunting. The developers have also stated that the paranormal activities cannot be verified scientifically, hence they do not take any responsibility for the original chat with the ghost.

    As a result of which this app should only be used for entertainment purposes. Recently,

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  4. Ghost Hunting Tools

    ghost hunting toolsWith the name itself, you might be able to understand, what is this app used for. You can easily detect and hunt ghosts using this app.

    Since it has meters like EMF meters, EVP detection meters. Even a complete beginner to ghost hunting can use this app and use it perfectly. The app consists of EVP analysis with the over 1000 words. This provides a strong hold over the ghost detection technique.

    It also indicates the history graph which you can use to detect the power, intensity, and power of the spirit or the ghost. The developers state that, if you a reading on your app then you should slow down so that the meters that are present in the app can do their work perfectly.

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  5. Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

    ghostcom radarGhostcom spirit detector app is another app that is widely used as a ghost hunting apps. This is a fun and entertaining app that could be used on the night out with the friends.

    The ghost here will tell you about your love life, friendships health, and career. Hence, this could be a highly entertaining app that you could use.

    You can get personal spiritual messages and also locate the spirits that are around you. It also has got all one ghost hunter tool kit.

    It is a great addition to the tool kit of the hunters. This app delivers the results and lets you know about the details of ghost and spirits around you. You will get all the details like zodiac sign, spirit type, color, stone, emotional state of the ghost.

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  6. Ghost Hunting Sonar

    ghost hunting sonarThis is one of the latest addition to this list of ghost hunting apps. This app could be used by the professional and beginners as well. Using this app, you get clear signals and warnings.

    The developers have recommended that you use a speaker during the usage of this app. Also, they have stated that, since the data cannot be scientifically verified, this app needs to be used as an entertainment purpose only.

    Hence, you should use the app accordingly. This app also provides you with the constant warning upon the detection of anything around it.

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  7. Ghost Observer ? Simulated ghost detector & radar

    ghost observer simulatedWell, this is just a simulated app. You can download this app and have fun with it. You can easily scare people at nighttime by using this app.

    The app has a ghost radar at the bottom. Hence, it will try to give you a warning at some point of time and show you a ghost or any haunted object. Showing this you can easily scare people.

    You also can catch the ghosts on the video. All you need to do is to turn the camera where the radar is showing the detection. Hence, you will be able to record the ghost.

    Using this app at the time of night walk or when you are cemetery will be great. As it will be showing you the ghosts and haunted spirits around you.

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  8. SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit

    SGK1This is all in one ghost hunting app. This app contains emf detector, SG3 Spirit Box and EVP Recorder. Hence, this is a one-stop solution to all the ghost hunting activities.

    This app uses a Magnetometer from the mobile phone. Hence, the readings are displayed for EMF detection. For SG3 spirit box, this app has all the new sound recordings.

    It also supports phonetic audio from single words, hence you would be able to support in many languages. Also, you have the option to download any addition sounds that are updated time to time basis.

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  9. The Witch

    the witchThis app is not for faint-hearted. This app is darker than you can even expect it to be. It’s one of the dark sister app,  The Wiccan.

    The app has some pretty amazing dark witch spells and incantations. Hence, if you are some hocus-pocus lover, then this app is for you.

    The developers have cautioned that this app needs to be used really carefully.

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