Best Legal Apps To Watch Anime Online Android & iOS

Are you an anime fan and you are looking for some app to watch anime ? Or you are searching for best legal apps to watch anime online ? If you think that these are the questions for which you are looking the answer for, then this is the article for you.

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As I will be listing some of the official apps that you can try to watch anime offline. These apps are free to download and use. These apps would be available to be downloaded from the official app stores of Google and Apple.

Also, the content available inside these apps would be absolutely legal and there will be no piracy or anything to related  to it. Hence, you can download any of these apps and enjoy your free anime on the go.
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Best Legal Apps To Watch Anime Online


crunchyrollAs soon as keyword “best legal anime app to watch anime” reaches my mind, the first app that comes to my mind is Crunchyroll. It is one of the best apps that you will ever use for watching anime online.

It is available on both the platforms, for android and iOS users both.  You need to keep one thing in mind that while you are watching licensed anime, it supports all the people who create anime and encourages them to create more and more anime.

In this app, there are absolutely no ads. The latest episodes are updated after one hour of TV broadcast. Also, you would be able to use any device as the app works on most of the devices. For all the new users there is a free subscription for the first 14 days during which you would be able to watch unlimited anime for free.

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VRV – Different All Together

vrv anime appVRV is also right up there in the list, when it comes to legally streaming the anime on mobile app. The developers have uploaded a huge amount of anime stuff that could be easily found on the app. This app is considered as the fan first streaming service. As you can also request the anime that you want to watch on this amazing anime streaming app.

It has got collection of anime from all over the world, With best dubbed anime and subbed anime as well. You can find all the genre of anime here. You can download the app from your respective app store and watch anime for free. Also, there is premium version of the app that you can avail by paying a very nominal fees.

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Amazon Prime

primeAmazon Prime is well known video streaming platform. It is famous for its low-cost subscription and easy to use mobile app. But it is known by very less number of people that the anime content and anime web series on Amazon Prime is just amazing. You can watch Pokémon, Samurai Champloo, Attack on Titan, Girl’s Last Tour and Death Note on the Amazon Prime app.

The quality of video is also amazing. Along with that you will find subtitles and English dubbed anime as well. They also have anime for kids. The anime content is also present based on genre hence, you will not have to waste your time in finding your favorite anime on Amazon Prime app. Here is the list of the best anime present on Amazon Prime.

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netflixI don’t think that I need to tell you what Netflix actually is. But are you aware that even Netflix also has a section dedicated to anime streaming. You also can refer to this article if you want to know more about some of the best anime series present on Netflix.

There are dubbed and subbed anime present on Netflix. You can watch all your favorite ones. The app is also updated very frequently with the latest anime.

Hence, you can watch all your other series and watch anime as well on this amazing streaming platform. You just have to pay your regular subscription fees and you are good to go. There is not extra fees involved for watching anime content.

You could also try these Free Netflix Alternatives.

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YouTube is another addition to this list of the best apps to watch anime legally. All you need to do is to search efficiently. There are some of the best and amazing anime uploaded by the creators of anime itself. You would be amazed by the quality of content that is available on YouTube in anime section. And all of it is absolutely free.

You also can download those anime episodes and watch them offline as well. It could be found within the YouTube app itself. As YouTube is the worlds second most used search engine, you can just imagine the amount of people using it for different purposes. Also, the video quality is just amazing and the app is easy to use.

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mubiMUBI is well-known n app within the anime lover circuit. It has got some awesome anime content which could be watched from anywhere in the world. There are no country restrictions on this app. It has got some incredible handpicked cinema that will blow your mind. Also, it has MUBI exclusive anime series. This is only present on MUBI app and nowhere else.

It also has a community where you can request your favorite anime to be uploaded. Also, you would be able to post any question related to not only anime but anything to everything. It has free trials for the new users. Offline viewing also enabled, you also can chrome cast on your TV as well. Hence, this is just an awesome app to be used.

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