Top Best Emoji Apps For Android & iOS

Emojis are an important part of our daily text conversations. Hence having one of the top best Emoji apps installed on your device becomes very crucial. You might be thinking, how do I choose a nice and updated app that has the latest emojis. Since you are a reader of Apps Nigam, I have got you covered.

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I have decided to list some of the top best emoji apps for android and iOS. These apps are legitimate apps that can be downloaded from Android and iOS devices.

Once you start using these amazing emoji apps, you would have an emoji for each and every expression. As a result of which you would be able to talk by sending emojis and your message would be conveyed.

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Amazing List Of Best Emoji Apps For Android & iOS

1.Disney Emoji Blitz

disney emoji blitzOne of the best apps when it comes to the amazing emoji collection is Disney Emoji. This app is available for both, android and iOS users.

The users of this app are up to date with all the latest emojis. This awesome collection includes emojis like Star Wars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, Zootopia, etc.

Another great feature of this app is that you can share and use them wherever you want. The collection extends to more than 2000+ emojis. You can use them and have fun. The developers have also included games, challenges, and special events. As a result, this is a very famous and widely used app when it comes to the best emoji apps for android and iOS.

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giphyGiphy has been known for its awesome GIFs. It can be used on any of the social media platforms, hence this is pretty much used all over. This is another reason for me to mention it on the second spot.

Apart from the huge collection which gets regularly updated, it is also used by many Hollywood celebrities as well. This is the world’s largest database of GIFs. As a result of which you can get a GIF for each and every situation and emotion.

Available for Android and iOS both, it is used worldwide on all the leading social media platforms. It has got animated stickers, moving emojis, and some pretty cool images with awesome special effects. You also have the option to add your own funny captions to these images, emojis, and pictures. This is the complete package that you can have in your small little phone.

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3.Emoji Maker

emoji maker appAnother great app in this list of best emoji apps is Emoji Maker. As you can predict by the name itself, you can make emoji stickers using already stored emojis. By adding value to the already present emojis, you can easily express your feelings and emotions.

There are options to customize your personal emoji, here you would be able to give it a personal touch by editing every minor detail about the same.

For iOS users, Emoji Me is the one to go which performs the same activity, just like emoji maker. You can add your own text and send it over the Facebook, Instagram, or on any other social media platform that you like. Emoji Me is easy to use application, very light on your phone, and works like a pro if you are even a decent editor.

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4.Kika Keyboard

kika keyboardA very popular and pretty effective app for the usage of emojis is Kika Keyboard. The developers have included thousands of emojis, literally. You would be able to find lots of variations of every emoji on this keyboard.

Kika Keyboard comes with some amazing bunch of features like ultra-intelligent predictive text, smart autocorrect, suggested stickers, etc. The best part is that this is free to use the app and the developers keep this one up to date.

It has got more than 3000+ emojis, stickers, and viral GIFs that you can use while you are chatting with anyone. This app also has an app store of its own. Hence you can visit the official Kika app store and download your favorite emojis and stickers.

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5.Facemoji Keyboard

face emojiAnother keyboard in the list. To be very precise, there is one very cool feature that this keyboard has, it can convert your face or BFFs face into a cartoon emoji. Isn’t that cool? It also has 3600+ emojis on the keyboard.

You can spice up your social media interactions and chat with people. It has got thousands of Smiley, Special GIFs, and themes that you would absolutely love and enjoy.

All you need to do is to visit the app store and download this app. Post that you need to enable the app usage from the keyboard settings of your phone. This is a pretty easy-to-use app. You also can impress other people, when you are talking to a stranger as well.

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6.Elite Emoji

elite emojiElite Emoji is one of the most used apps when it comes to emojis. It has got a collection of the highest quality that you will absolutely love. This app supports more than 2000 high-definition emojis. Each one of them could be easily used on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and other messaging apps. Hence, it becomes even essential for you to try out this app and I guarantee that you will absolutely love this app.

Also, there are options to add GIFs as well. Along with these, you will also get emojis to express all your emotions. Like I Love You, I miss you, etc. The developers keep on updating the app from time to time.

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