Two Player Game Apps For Android & iOS

Two-player game apps have been in demand for quite some time now. Since you have landed on this article, I guess you might also be looking for some of the awesome two-player game apps.

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Hence, I have decided to compile a list of some of the best apps that are two-player games. The list below contains some of the most famous and addictive two-player game apps. You will find some of the best time pass apps.

You will also be able to play games with two of your friends offline. Hence, I can assure you that you will have a blast playing these games. These games are legitimate games and can be downloaded directly from the app store. Most of the games are available for both android and iOS users, hence you can enjoy your favorite game on any of the mobile phones. You may also check out wrestling news apps.

Two-Player Game Apps For Android And IOS

  1. Red Hands – 2-Player Games

    red handsThe red hand game has been one of the best games when it comes to 2 player games. You can challenge your friends and start playing this game with your girlfriend and boyfriends.

    In this game, each player stands on the sides. One player acts as an attacker and the other as a defender. The attacker has to attack and the defender has to defend. This is repeated and the player is changed. If the defender quits, then the attacker wins.

    It is also known as the red tomato game in some countries. As the hands become red after a few times of hitting and playing. This game would test your speed and how quickly your reflexes work.

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  2. Glow Hockey

    glow hockey 2One of the most famous games known for its two players’ activates is Glow Hockey. This game is available for both Android and iOS users. At first look, it can look like a very easy game but it is very hard to master.

    You also can challenge computer opponents as well. They also have introduced a multiplayer level as well. Hence, you would be able to include multiple friends of yours as well.

    This is very attractive to play as it has a few themes that you change according to your needs and color. This game is light on your phone’s memory as well and there is very little space required for the installation of this game on your phone. That is the reason it has become an extremely popular 2 player game apps.

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  3. Tic Tac Toe

    tic tac toeOne of the best games for time passes is tic tac toe. I still remember the backside of my notebook from the time of school was filled with this game. This is kind of very addictive game. Just imagine you have this game on your mobile phone. You cannot get bored at any cost. The icing on the cake would be, an online friend joining you for the game. Hence, you can have completion with one another.

    This game comes with three difficulty levels. You also have a randomization button to make sure that your phone does not play the same moves again and again. Hence, you can make sure that you have lots of fun when you are playing this game alone or with the system itself. The sound effects and graphics are awesome. You do not have to pay anything for this game as this one would be free to download on both of the app stores.

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  4. Funny Bouncy Basketball – Fun 2 Player

    funny basket ballBy the name itself, you can make out what exactly this game holds for you. This is a free game for all the basketball fans out there. This game is available for android and iOS users as well. You can challenge your friends for a game and show them your moves. This game also has the ability of local multiplayer games as well. You can pass your time easily playing this game. The graphics are pretty raw and this is what most people like about it.

    All you need to do is to control to get the ball. Post which you can make the player bouncy and shoot the ball in hoops. To play the game is very easy. You need to tap the button and release the button to shoot the basketball. This game follows all the laws of physics. Hence, you are bound to get a life-like experience.

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  5. Royal 3D Chess

    royal 3d chessAnother great game for two players. Chess has been an all-time favorite game that involves two people. With royal 3d chess, you get to play with each other even if you are far away from each other.

    You can easily connect with your friends online and start playing your game of chess with them. If by chance you are not able to get anyone to play, you can choose the system to play with. You can try to win over the system which uses AI strategies.

    There is also an offline mode, where two people can play using the same mobile phone. The best part that I liked about this app is that it is completely free. There are no charges applied when you install and play this game. Hence, you can play this game and enjoy its amazing 3D graphics.