Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites At School

There are really few unblocked music sites at school. If you are a school-going student, then you should have these websites that are unblocked music sites at school at your fingertips. Then only you would be able to enjoy your music.

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For this very reason, I will talk about some of the best-unblocked music sites at school. Personally speaking, I think that blocking music sites from the school internet is not a cool idea. If students love music, then they have the right to listen to music.

Also, if you are a student, then you need to understand that there needs to be a balance between studying and listening to music. Hence, you should use these unblocked music sites at your school only when you are done with your studies or during your break time.

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unblocked music site at school

Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites At School

  1. Google Music

    Being one of the best music sites on the internet, it harbors songs from every genre. You could search for songs using filters for artists, mood, activity, and many more.

    Not only you can listen to songs but also create your own music collection by uploading up to 50,000 of your own songs. To get more access or to enjoy other wonderful features, you need to subscribe to it, and then it will be available for use to up to six members of our family.

    Isn’t it a great deal? You could get access to more than 35 million songs on it and download them to listen to anytime you wish. Personally, this is one of my preferred sites to listen to songs at schools or colleges. Check this Google product which is unblocked at school to entertain yourselves with the latest albums. It is also available in the form of an app for your smartphone, so go and get it.

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  2. TuneIn

    This is another popular music site unblocked at school that requires no sign-up for its free users. However, it has its premium version available that includes some extra features like commercial-Free Music, News, daily podcasts, and many more, but you can catch up with most of it for free. It includes songs for all types of users keeping in mind the taste of every age.

    TuneIn Radio is an app available on Android as well as iOS platforms. It combines live sports, music, podcasts, and music to provide its users with everything in one place. Not only these, but it also includes over 100,000 AM & PM radio stations from the world like BBC Radio 2, Magie Radio UK, Heart UK, etc. With TuneIn, you can stay assured not to miss anything going on in sports or news around the world.

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  3. BlueBeat

    With over 50,000 high-quality songs and an amazing collection of albums, this unblocked site comes in the third position on our list. It includes hundreds of playlists from the never-ending variety. You could also create your own playlist by adding your favorite songs and artist names and then can share it with our friends and the bluebeat community. You could check for the last song you heard with a single click on the right corner of the page that shows our music history. There is an option using which you also could stream trending albums and songs for free. Do visit the site to check more about its content.

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  4. HulkShare

    The next website is ‘HulkShare’ which is a free and unblocked music site for school students to listen to songs for free. It encompasses songs from every genre, from old to new. You can browse for songs by our favorite artists in the box provided. There are options available to upload our own created music to let others listen and enjoy them, i.e., it provides a platform to show one’s talent and share his creativity with people across the world. HulkShare does not charge a single penny from its users instead it provides them with the best content available. On the home page, you find a list of trending songs.

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  5. Spotify

    Spotify, on number 5 on our list offers us to listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free. You can sort by artist names on it to get a list of all his songs. Spotify enables people to listen to songs in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil and many others which means is fit for everyone coming from different cultures and languages. It lets us discover new podcasts across music, games, lifestyle, etc. It includes a large collection of songs for any mood, activity, or genre. Also, one can make and share its own playlists with others on it. Now Stream for the latest songs on your smartphone, computer, tablet, and others with Spotify.

  6. Soundzabound

    On number 6, you have ‘Soundzabound’ that is basically designed for students either in school or college. The wonderful features on this app leave everyone amazed. That royalty-free music on it allows students to enjoy the huge collection of songs and music. Apart from entertainment purposes, you can also use the audio themes on it for our PowerPoint presentation, digital storytelling, web design, etc. There is nothing illegal on this website which is might the reason schools do not block this website. Being an educational site, it understands the growing technology requirements for education. Go through this site to know more about it.

  7. Grooveshark

    Another unblocked music website is Grooveshark. This is a superb unblocked music site that has been in service since 2006. Here, you would be able to customize the playlist as per our preferences, i.e. browse for our favorite songs, music, albums by our favorite artists, and many more. There is nothing like sign-up on it, you get free access to its large library without any problem. You also can download songs over it to listen to them offline. One very good thing about this is that it does not show irritating audible ads in-between songs like many others available out there. Do visit the site for more details.

  8. AccuRadio

    AccuRadio lets its user enjoy the best music and songs across the world and that too for free. Now stream for your favorite artists on it with a single step. AccuRadio is available as an app on Android and iPhone to download. It provides us with options to save our favorite music channel and watch music history at any time. It includes music from different genres including Hip-hop, Classic rock, Jazz, Relaxing music, Reggae, Blues, Korean pop, Hawaiian, and many more to discover. Also, there are hundreds of radio channels available.

  9. Hungama

    ‘Hungama’ which is not only famous for providing the best collections of songs but you would be able to find movies over it, i.e. two in one. It is very popular among people in India because of its easy access without spending a coin. It includes music from a wide range of categories like jazz, pop, hip-hop, etc. You can explore videos from different fields like lifestyle, comedy, music, filmy, and more. One can stream songs in the language of his choice including Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, and a few more.

  10. PureVolume

    Now, it’s time to discuss the last website in our list which is not blocked by school or college. PureVolume includes a huge collection of songs from different genres. Also, you may use the filters for artist names, songs, albums, etc in the search box provided. You also could be the DJ of our own by uploading our own created music and songs on it. Let the world hear your songs and feel them. It requires no subscription, i.e. free to access and listen to songs of our choice. There are many more interesting things to know. So just go through the website to check them all.

Wrap up

Here, I listed of top 10 unblocked music sites at school. Some of these sites have their app version too that enable a user to download them on their smartphone for free.

I wrote about Soundzabound, which is meant for both educational and entertainment purposes. All these sites are wonderful with huge collections of songs from all categories including Jazz, Hip-hop, Classical, and many more. You can also stream for movies over Hungama. Let yourself explore songs and feel the music with these amazing unblocked sites.

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